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Changing the face of sustainable investing for a better future.

Independent. Data-driven. Transparent.

Multi-vendor approach

At Screen17, we believe that sustainability should be considered in every investment strategy. Our innovative methodology combines over one million datapoints to support you with fully objective, highly granular, data-driven ESG analytics. Our approach is built upon the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and their sustainability drivers, assisting the integration of sustainability into your investment strategy.

Leading your organisation to a sustainable future

We support investors with an intuitive and whole-organisation solution for managing ESG risk and SDG performance.

Being familiar with exactly what it takes to implement a high-quality, data-rich and comprehensive ESG and sustainability solution, our co-founders created an independent and fully objective sustainability screening and reporting solution which also supports product design all within a SaaS model.

We are a complementary and versatile team of professionals across asset management/finance, data science and technology with a keen desire to promote a sustainable future. - team-screen17

For people. For planet. For profit.

We are a member of the econnext Group. The technology and sustainability holding is exclusively dedicated to building subsidiaries whose business models align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Why the 17 SDGs?

The 17 SDGs provide an undisputed framework for the direction societies, governments and businesses must take.

Investments in companies or projects that are deemed compliant with internationally recognised environmental and social standards or are even seen as benefiting the achievement of the SDGs are the fastest growing ESG market segments.

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