The Collective’s impact is driven by defined projects that are conceived and led by our members. These missions span the domains of research & development, citizen science, policy advocacy and activist business development.

About OpenAir

The unfolding emergency of our warming planet is transpiring in a world that is being relentlessly reshaped by heightened, internet-enabled connectivity. This trend continues to radically reduce barriers to interaction between individuals and groups at the margins, decentralizing influence, authority and productivity in unprecedented ways. The intersection of these two historic developments – crowd and climate – has produced new opportunities for collaborative action, creativity and production that can be brought to bear on big challenges in ways that were not possible before.

OpenAir is a distributed, entirely volunteer-led network that aims to creatively capitalize on these opportunities to advance, accelerate and co-invent carbon dioxide removal (CDR) in the real world through collaborative advocacy, and research & development missions.


We are a 100% volunteer-led, global network accelerating carbon
removal advancement and evolution through member initiated

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