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North American sustainability planning, strategies and actions are driven by an Environmental Action Plan, a five-year roadmap that helps achieve incremental progress towards Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.


Let’s face it: there’s only one planet Earth. That’s why we focus on environmentally sustainable solutions in everything we do and every vehicle we make. From our North American manufacturing plants to the more than 1 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles assembled in the U.S., we are advancing toward a brighter tomorrow.


In 2015, we announced the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 — a set of six visionary challenges intended to create a net positive impact on the planet and society. These challenges are guiding our efforts to build a better, smarter, more sustainable future. In North America, Toyota’s environmental activities are designed around four important focus areas that drive environmental plans and actions – carbon, water, materials and biodiversity.

Environmental sustainability planning, strategies and actions are driven by a North American Environmental Action Plan. We are breaking the Challenge 2050 vision down into incremental, five-year action plans. This is how the company is working to drive change – step by step to achieve carbon neutrality and a net positive environmental impact at a global level.

Toyota Measures Environmental Performance
Across Four Key Focus Areas.

Toyota’s environmental activities in North America are designed around four important FOCUS AREAS that drive our environmental planning, strategies, and actions.



Toyota strives to be a strong corporate citizen, engaging with and earning the trust of its stakeholders, and to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through all its business operations.

Our corporate principles form the basis of our initiatives, reflect values that enable action, and drive our mindset.

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