About Invest.Green



A multi-disciplinary team of experienced research analysts and investment professionals, which includes several of the leading,
pioneering figures in the sustainable investment movement, including:

  • The Founding Chairman of the Principles for Responsible. Investment (PRI), the largest and most influential investor organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable investment, with over 5,000 members and combined assets under management of over $100 trillion
  • The founder and CEO of what was the #1-rated sustainable investment research firm in the world
  • The founding CEO of an organization which built the largest private equity Cleantech portfolio in the world
  • The former CEO of the world’s largest solar company
  • The founder and CEO of the world’s preeminent international organization for Cleantech education and promotion
  • A digital media team with the demonstrated ability to generate top quality environmental content and distribute it globally on platforms including CNBC. That content included exclusive interviews with Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Managing Directors of both the World Bank and IMF, and the CEOs of major global companies including Siemens and Panasonic.



Invest.Green is building a membership-based network of companies, retail investors, their financial advisors, and other key stakeholders in the emerging green economy.

Our mission is 2-fold:

  • To increase dramatically the volume of capital directed towards high quality green investment opportunities, particularly from retail investors.
  • To Democratize green investing by focussing on retail investors and providing them with institutional-quality research, analysis, and information.

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  • We do this by providing a trusted, independent platform where major companies can “tell their green stories” more credibly and effectively, and to a better-informed retail investor audience. One important way to reach retail investors is by informing and educating their financial advisors.
  • We produce original, cutting-edge digital content including exclusive interviews with company executives, cleantech innovators, leading academics and domain experts, and policymakers; short, accessible research reports (“Green Research Bites”); high-level virtual conferences, briefings, and events; and podcasts.
  • We are creating a global network and community of environmentally-minded companies, investors, non-profits, and other key stakeholders, through a Membership model similar to that of the Principles For Responsible Investment (PRI).The PRI currently has over 5,000 members, representing more than $ 100 trillion in combined assets.